All these pages are 8.5x11, 300 dpi. Feel free to print it out in full size if you like physical copies

Comics and Comic Artists

Jake Wyatt- deviantart tumblr

"Welcome To Summers"


Suggested Reading/Books:

Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics” (entirely done in comic format)



Speech Bubbles Mistakes

Paint Bucket Resource

Storyboarding and Camera angles

What is DPI?

Transferring Traditional to Digital (Photoshop Tutorial)

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They are literally putting millions of people in danger.

Vaccinate your kids.  Don’t put other kids at risk.

if they were only out to kill themselves off, that’d be one thing. It’s that their stupidity is going to kill the rest of us.

I don’t mind dying. I mind dying because of stupid enormously.

"Every scientific fact has a counter-fact…" wh—

Doesn’t that basically translate to “every proven right answer has an equal and opposite wrong answer”?

…Are these people real, or is this just a bad SNL sketch!?

Ugh. I once read an article in the news about a mother whose child died from a preventable disease. In the article, the mother said she wished the doctor had emphasized the importance of vaccines more. 

Like, really!? What do you want doctors to do? They advocate the shit out of vaccines. Public schools and a lot of preschools won’t let you enroll your kid without certain vaccines. We can’t hold your kids down and give them vaccines without your permission, as much as it would save them from health risks. 

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This is what I got Sebastian Stan to sign for me. Awesomeness, no?!!

i cant fucking believe this happened

What if Sebastian stan is looking up your artRightNow



This is what I got Sebastian Stan to sign for me. Awesomeness, no?!!

i cant fucking believe this happened

What if Sebastian stan is looking up your art



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This will make a lot more sense to people who have seen the movie. 

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There is this website called Thrift Books and I just got $66.90 worth of books for $19.93 (five books). Shipping was free. You’re welcome.

Yes! I just bought $82 worth of books for $17.85!



Holy crap!  Reblogging mostly so I’ll be able to come back to the link myself more easily later!

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Giant Baka face

Is whoever made thus a tsundere????

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dikubutto said: Whaddya think of Bolin suddenly getting lavabending? Desperate life saving gambit or sudden powers as the plot demanded?







It was all right, he had been set up as the guy who was only superficially confident in himself from very early on, so him having a cool power is fine.

Ofc Bolin is also so freaking stupid at this point that it probably doesn’t even matter, a baby with lavabending would probably be just as useful.  

imo Bolin with lavabending was fine, they had a plot thing going with him trying to metalbend but not being able to so it became a “sometimes you aren’t good at something but you are good at other things” sort of story lesson. It could even make sense from a bender genetics pov since his brother is a firebender so he must have it in his blood.

Mako suddenly lightningbending was the garbage part. Just….why?

rando poppin in just to say Mako has actually been lightning bending since book 1, I believe. He did some work someplace where he was wearing a welding helmet and lightning bending, iirc. 


*rando pops out*

I think this shows how much I’ve paid attention to Mako because apparently he learned it from the Triple Threat Triad guy in book 1. I guess this brings up the question why he has used it so little to the point that I would have forgotten he even knew how.

Maybe he didn’t want to, or perhaps there’s a law that says that says it’s forbidden to lightning bend against against another human because of it most likely being a lethal attack. On the other hand, Mako may have resented having learned it from the Triad and tried to downplay it as best he could. Hell, maybe lightning benders are outcasts! Maybe they’re looked at like dangerous thugs because if their powers and the other benders don’t understand. 

So I think the deal with Mako’s lightening bending is while he can use it, I don’t think Mako is meant to be particularly skilled at it.  I think the giant pool gave him a big easy target to hit, otherwise, it’s like it’d be too easy to friendly fire or too hard hit anything at all with his lightening bending.  It’s more much more reliable to fight with fire.  I feel like while now many people can lightening bend, very few people can fight very accurately and effectively with it like Azula.  

I also sort of thought in hindsight, because lightening bending is more prevalent in Korra’s time, it was kind of stupid for Ming Hua to try and fight a firebender in a huge pool, buuut then again it wouldn’t be that unreasonable for her to think, with that much water she could take him out before he could reach safety.  And like some people said, I think it only knocked her out, and if she died it was from the whole place crumbling.



yes exactly, I just.. Bolin was a blight on an otherwise great finale.  The lavabending part was completely innocuous compared to his awful bending in general (really.. really the best you have against a floor full of lava is propping up 2 inch thick blocks? fucking asami could prop up the floor tiles and be just as good), generally being especially unfunny, and freaking KNOCKING BOSS BITCH SUYIN TO THE GROUND TO BE GROSS ON OPAL, MY BLOOD ABSOLUTELY BOILED.  bolin/opal is completely notp for me now he is disgusting and belongs in a garbage can

bolin/opal is completely notp for me now he is disgusting and belongs in a garbage can”

I like Bolin but this made me laugh. 

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trying to read a regular comic but accidentally reading it right-to-left like the fucking weaboo you are

Calling a western comic regular- a little ethnocentric, are we not? :P 

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a long time ago or another universe, a coronation, and a first meeting

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The tutorial of how I achieve watercolor effect in Sai! :) I highly recommend using real watercolor paintings (your own or ones found on the internet) as reference.

And here you can find a few useful links: 

  1. You can download the Sai file of this picture here: link 
  2. Video process of painting another picture: link
  3. The old watercolor tutorial: link
  4. Sai brushes (none of them is made by me) link + file you need to open them in Sai: link
  5. Awesome watercolor brushes made by Kyle T Webster: link

Here’s the finished painting: link

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