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Hi everyone! I was asked to make a tutorial on how to draw proportionate bodies and lively poses. As I always say I am in no way an expert, but I will try to impart what I know and have learned and people can take away what they want (or pummel me while screaming “no you’re wrong!!11”)

Anyways I hope you find this helpful! Hope it’s not too long for everyone’s dash. D:

EDIT: Now under a cut for your convenience. :B

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My characters always seem so stiff. I’ve pin-pointed my major issue being the spine but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with it. The shoulders and hips are another problem too.
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Learning anatomy drawing is important. Period. Whatever you plan to draw and however you plan to draw it you need to have an idea of what it actually looks like, practice in realism, before you plan to move on to creative interpretation.

Here are examples of all different kinds of athletic body types to illustrate the importance of knowing what sort of “built” look you will need to go for when drawing and designing a character. Not all fit is the same fit and it is so hard to find adequate variety when looking for references. These were linked by a talented comic artist Nina Matsumoto. Here site can be found here

A good sampling of her art can be found here

Christ, human beings are fucking strange, we have almost no hair, and we’re almost entirely limbs. Look at them. Look at us. Look at other primates. We have this tiny little torso and tiny little organs, and then the rest is all fucking arms and legs, isn’t that gross and weird? Do animals that aren’t strange sea crabs or like, some sort of running equine-like animal have the same limb:torso ratio of nearly 1:1? We’re like, half limbs! What the hell! does anyone else realize how weird this is??

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Callot Soeurs, 1920s
The Goldstein Museum of Design



Callot Soeurs, 1920s

The Goldstein Museum of Design

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I’ve been saving links, links of tutorials, books, etc.

And pretty much, this is what I have so far.

Gesture drawing tool

Drawing Script

Nudes References



Best Post Ever.

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Female Anatomy Reference Post


A quick companion to the Male Anatomy Reference Post, this will, again be updated with more resources as I come across them. I’d love to add some more varied body types to this post, so if you have a good resource shoot me an ask and I will update.

Nude Reference
- I really…

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Source: Analytical Figure Drawing SP08- A blog from an ‘08 figure drawing class that offers useful information about the figure.

I only put a couple of images here to preview, click the link to see the rest!

Thanks to the lovely anon who showed me this!

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Alternate link in case the pictures won’t enlarge: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

PERSPECTIVE TIP: How to draw correct perspective lines without using vanishing points (or when the points are located off the page)

I hope the handwriting is legible.  In the future when I have time I’ll make a neater version of this with more example.  The gist of it is to divide the right and left side of the page into points of equal spacing, but give one side more points than the other.

If you know a bit of math, read on: this is actually just a bit of a ratio problem using the idea of similar triangles.  Since any two points on a single perspective line form similar triangles with the vanishing point as its vertex, then the ratio of the distance of the two points, measured from the base of the triangle must be constant.

In the picture above, PRQ and SRT are similar triangles.  R is where the vanishing point is located, S is the point on the right vertical frame, and P is the point on the left vertical frame.  Because they’re similar triangles, when changing the length of ST, you must also change the length of PQ, keeping the ratio of PQ:ST constant.

Holy crap how did I not realise this before;;;; /derpderp I’ve just eyeballed my perspective before this

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